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Mechanical and Physico-Chemical Characteristics of Modified Materials
Process Techniques for Engineering High-Performance Materials
Understanding Materials Science History, Properties, Applications, Second Edition
People Analytics in the Era of Big Data
An Introduction to Uncertainty in Measurement Using the GUM
Lewis Basicity and Affinity Scales Data and Measurement
Equations of State and PVT Analysis Applications for Improved Reservoir Modeling
Gas and Oil Reliability Engineering Modeling and Analysis (Second Edition)
Interactive Data Visualization Foundations, Techniques, and Applications, Second Edition
Atoms in Electromagnetic Fields
Electromagnetic Composites Handbook, Second Edition
Babylon's Ashes by James S. A. Corey - Expanse Series Complete
The Black Book by James Patterson
Gardening The Essential Organic Gardening
Geography of Genius A Search for the World's Most Creative Places from Ancient Athens to Silicon Valley